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Oxentia works with the Royal Academy of Engineering to support early-stage technology entrepreneurs

Leaders in Innovation Fellowships

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Published on January 29, 2021

We are pleased to be working with the Royal Academy of Engineering to develop and deliver the Leadership in Innovation Fellowships (LIF) programme, an intensive capacity-building and mentoring scheme for engineering and science entrepreneurs.

Funded by the Newton Fund, LIF offers high-quality support to engineering-focused entrepreneurs working to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The key aim of the programme is to empower fellows with business skills and networks to launch and grow high-impact ventures, so they can become catalysts of economic growth.

This year, Oxentia has designed a programme with the Academy that will run from January 2021 for 12 months. Through a combination of training, workshops, self-study, one-to-one mentoring, and social events, LIF will equip participants with the skills and tools to:

  • Identify the best route-to-market strategies and growth opportunities for their business ideas
  • Become part of a network of research entrepreneurs from all over the world
  • Access UK-based investment sources
  • Drive economic growth in their home countries.

Steve Cleverley, CEO of Oxentia said: “It is an honour for us to contribute to such an impactful, global initiative. This is a truly future-oriented programme, the aim of which coincides perfectly with Oxentia’s mission:  bringing new ideas to life to drive growth and improve lives. We look forward to working with the Academy for another successfully delivery of LIF”.

Ana Avaliani, Director of Enterprise and Sustainable Development at the Royal Academy of Engineering said: “For the last six years LIF has brought together emerging leaders in the global innovation community, acting as a catalyst for individuals to commercialise innovations that have the potential to contribute to the sustainable development of their country. We are delighted to have Oxentia on board to help continue this for another year.”


To learn more about Oxentia’s entrepreneurship and accelerator programmes, visit our website, sign up for our communications, and follow us on social media.

To learn more about the Royal Academy of Engineering, visit their website, sign up for their communications, and follow them on social media.



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