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Supporting knowledge exchange & commercialisation around the world

An overview of Oxentia’s diverse services and activities.

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Training Brochure: Technology Transfer, Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation, Managing Innovative Technology

Oxentia’s core training offerings in Technology Transfer, Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation, and Managing Innovative Technology.

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Innovative Entrepreneurship

Tailored Solutions. Oxentia provides advanced professional development and training in entrepreneurship. Our cutting-edge offerings have been tried, tested and proven to produce first class results.

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Business Incubation 2017

Oxentia offers a range of incubation and entrepreneurship support services for government agencies, corporations, research institutes, and universities around the globe.

From planning and benchmarking your incubator to mentoring and training your entrepreneurs, we will work with you to develop a tailored offering that suits your needs.

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Innovative Pharma Management

An overview of Oxentia’s Innovative Pharma Management training programme.

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