Clients: Governments and Development Agencies

The breadth of our experience and diversity within our team means that Oxentia are ideally placed to coach, advise and build capacity across a broad range of areas. The majority of our consultancy team hold PhDs and others have MBAs. Oxentia staff have successfully spun out and sold companies, run technology transfer offices and worked in industry. In short, our expertise is built on real world experience and success.     

Oxentia develops, manages and runs bespoke training programmes ranging from the highly technical such as IP strategy and management through to startup and entrepreneurship training where we help create dynamic new businesses and build commercial awareness and capacity. As well as training, we also provide consultancy and assistance in developing innovation ecosystems and setting up seed funds and incubators.

Recent projects include:





Many of the training, mentoring and capacity building services we provide fall within the key areas listed below. However, we are highly flexible and will tailor our offering to the needs of our clients.

Training and Mentoring

  • Intellectual Property management and strategy
  • Workshops on knowledge exchange and commercialisation
  • Practical entrepreneurship
  • Managing innovation
  • Internationalisation & marketing
  • Business & entrepreneur mentoring

Innovation Ecosystem Development

  • Incubator development & support
  • Planning & managing seed funds


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