Case studies

Development of incubation and entrepreneurship capacity

Client: Andalucía TECH

Project dates: October and November 2015

Type of Services

  • Ecosystem analysis
  • Report and recommendations
  • Bespoke training in technology transfer and entrepreneurship for staff.

Oxentia worked with Andalucía TECH to assist in the development of their incubation and entrepreneurship capacity at the University of Málaga (UMA). The project included three phases: (1) Ecosystem Analysis (2) Report and Recommendations (3) Bespoke Training. The project started with a visit to UMA to meet with key partners, stakeholders and entrepreneurs from across the ecosystem. The aim was to understand the existing offerings, challenges and drivers for entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. In the second phase, Oxentia analysed and presented the findings from the visit in a written report. The report outlined Oxentia’s observations of the barriers to incubation and entrepreneurship, highlighted examples of best practice, and suggested programmes, processes, and other opportunities for UMA and Andalucía TECH to enhance and improve the ecosystem. Finally, Oxentia developed and delivered a bespoke training programme. The 1-week programme was informed by the ecosystem review, and was tailored to address the specific needs and interests of the technology transfer and entrepreneurship support staff at UMA.


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