Formal Programmes

Set Accredited Programmes

Oxentia is among just a handful of leading international organisations which has achieved the distinction of offering set courses accredited by the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals, the global professional body for the Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation sector.

Our accredited courses provide CE training points which can be used in application for professional recognition as a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (with the corresponding right to use the postnominal designation of RTTP). We currently offer these three accredited programmes, with others in production:


Accredited Course:

Technology Transfer: Theory to Practice

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A course specifically designed for those looking to understand and engage with fundamental aspects of the Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation process.

Topics covered include:

• Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC)
• Intellectual Property (IP)
• Licensing
• Spin-outs
• Technology Valuation Overview
• Sourcing Innovation
• Marketing Technology
• Business Models
• Negotiation
• New Venture Funding and Pitching for Investment

This is a 15-hour course which can be offered over two or three days and which provides participants with 15 ATTP Training CE points.

Accredited Course:

Commercialising Software and Digital Know-How

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A specialised course designed to equip those who are working in key areas such as software commercialisation in which different approaches to intellectual property rights and routes to market are routinely required.

• What is Software?
• Assessing Software
• Protecting Software
• Assessing a Software Project
• Taking Software to Market: Licensing
• Taking Software to Market: Start-up Business Models
• Taking Software to Market: Start-up Market Research and Pricing
• Taking Software to Market: Start-up Fundraising
• Pitching a Software Project to Investors
• Sector Case Studies

A 15-hour course which provides 15 ATTP CE points.


Accredited Course:

Valuation and Deal-Making

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A course designed to upskill practitioners in both the art and the science of valuation.

• Fundamentals of Technology and Business Valuation
• Valuation Methods
• The Market Approach
• Practical Valuation via the Market Approach
• The Income Approach
• Using Valuation Methods to Structure Financial Terms
• Valuing Spin-Out Companies
• Valuation’s Role in Negotiation
• Valuation Case Studies

A 15-hour course which provides 15 ATTP CE points.



Custom Programmes

Oxentia’s first-rate training outcomes are built upon our focus on understanding and meeting the precise needs of our partners and clients.

This focus means that the majority of the training programmes that we deliver are bespoke programmes which have been designed to comprehensively fulfil and exceed our clients exacting requirements.


We have a diversity of expert trainers in knowledge exchange and commercialisation on staff. These experts also provide us with enviable coverage

of almost all academic disciplines and business sectors. In cases where we feel that our in- house expertise and experience could be usefully supplemented by contributions from other international experts, we source the right persons from our unparalleled network which starts in Oxford and spans the globe.

For illustrative purposes, here are just a handful of specialist areas in which Oxentia has recently delivered custom programmes:

  • Designing and running innovation ecosystems for a Colombian government agency
  • Innovative leadership in medical affairs for a global top- 10 pharma company
  • Managing innovative technology in the aerospace sector
  • A business accelerator for Malaysian start-up companies in Medical Technology
  • Interactive workshops for senior university academics and managers in leadership in higher education (in the Middle East and in Asia)

To have Oxentia build a custom programme to your precise requirements, simply get in touch.


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