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Oxentia was established in 2004 with the vision and mission to work in partnership with individuals and teams to build capacity, develop capability and create opportunities to enable innovation.

The Oxentia Foundation, established in 2020, seeks to further its sister organisation’s founding mission by ‘levelling the global playing field’ in innovation and entrepreneurship support for the global academic community.

By uniting and mobilising knowledge and capital, the foundation seeks, through mission based projects, to redress the uneven distribution of human, financial and infrastructural assets to support academic communities across the globe. Empowering the most talented people to create large-scale impact through social, economic and environmental sustainable development.

From train-the-entrepreneurship-trainer programmes in Brazil, to accelerator programmes in Colombia and female leadership empowerment training in Oman, the Oxentia Foundation is working to support a generation of global entrepreneurs, researchers and intrapreneurs to reach their potential.

Oxentia support for Illya and friends at the Main Military Hospital in Kyiv

Following a very personal plea from our colleague and friend Illya Chaikovsky, cardiologist living and working in Ukraine, The Oxentia Foundation are requesting your support and contributions towards trauma kits that are urgently needed at the Main Military Hospital in Kyiv.

In consultation with Oxford University Hospitals we are sourcing the required equipment for Illya, and liaising with RAF Brize Norton for space on an airlift they are scheduling from the end of this week.

Our colleagues at the Foundation for Polish Science in Warsaw will retrieve the shipment and communicate with a humanitarian logistics group to ensure this is delivered directly to the hospital in Kyiv.

Please join us to support Illya to provide the medical equipment in urgent need, and your contributions will help protect those fighting for their country, and to ultimately save lives.

The fund will close on Friday 18th March at 17:00 GMT.

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Support for Illya

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