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The Oxentia Foundation

Addressing global inequalities through innovation & entrepreneurship

About the Oxentia Foundation

Oxentia Ltd was established in 2004 with the vision and mission to work in partnership with individuals and teams to build capacity, develop capability and create opportunities to enable innovation.

The Oxentia Foundation, established in 2020, seeks to further it’s sister organisation’s founding mission by ‘levelling the global playing field’ in innovation and entrepreneurship support for the global academic community.

By uniting and mobilising knowledge and capital, the foundation seeks, through mission based projects, to redress the uneven distribution of human, financial and infrastructural assets to support academic communities across the globe. Empowering the most talented people to create large-scale impact through social, economic and environmental sustainable development.

From train-the-entrepreneurship-trainer programmes in Brazil, to accelerator programmes in Colombia and female leadership empowerment training in Oman, the Oxentia Foundation is working to support a generation of global entrepreneurs, researchers and intrapreneurs to reach their potential.



💥 🇯🇵 Excited to host Oxford Evening with LINK-J, the network for life-science innovation in Japan🗻Our very own Masashi Matsunaga will interview Luca Science🔬a company working on innovative tissue regeneration techniques👇 @Biospire_Japan @LINKJ20160324

11 hours

@EEUK @PraxisAuril Sorry to hear this! It works for us on Chrome… do you experience the same problem on LinkedIn?

12 hours

🌱Career opportunities for academics beyond the post-doc? 💥
@PraxisAuril @EEUK

1 day

How does the “purpose vs. profit” argument resonate with investors in early-stage tech? 💥 Join our panel discussion
@EEUK @PraxisAuril @UKRI_News @OxUInnovation @aspect_network

2 days

🌐 We asked our course leaders about ATTP-accredited training at Oxentia 👩‍🏫 Find out more👉 🎓 @ATTPmedia #innovation #IP #technologytransfer #fromlabtomarket

3 days

💥This week we are taking part in @EEUK ‘s annual conference with a session on female entrepreneurs 👩 Join us on Wednesday & Friday
#women #womeninbusiness #womenleaders

1 week

How do entrepreneurial skills complement fundamental research? 🔬 Find out now in our latest blog! 📝
#innovation #research #technologytransfer

2 weeks

We have been selected as a partner for the upcoming Blockbuster TOKYO acceleration programme! 🚀 Find out more about our involvement 🤝
Click the link below 👇

#Innovation #Entrepreneur #Investment #Pharmaceutical

2 months

🚀 Today we celebrate one of the greatest feats of research 🌍 #Onthisday 52 years ago at 09:18GMT, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon 🌑

#Innovation#Space #NASA #moonwalk #research

2 months

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