Training, Mentorship and Professional Development

Unmatched Training Outcomes

Our cutting-edge training materials are both proprietary and unique. These materials are continuously improved and updated based on  our extensive ongoing activities around the world in knowledge exchange and commercialisation, marketing, entrepreneurship, and innovation strategy. Our expert trainers and consultants possess unmatched tacit knowledge and global experience in real-life Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation.

Innovation is improvement through novelty and Oxentia delivers this by helping its partners and clients to successfully exploit new ideas. We do this through the process of technology transfer. Of course, innovation is also a natural expression of entrepreneurship in that it can be an invaluable tool for creating or enhancing both societal and financial wealth.

Oxentia’s global experience and outlook means that we are acutely aware that the challenges to innovation management, business strategy, and commercialisation are unique to each organisation within its active and targeted geographies.

Meeting these challenges usually requires  a complex balance of skills that span policy development, cultural change, and general and esoteric knowledge.  Our custom training offerings deliver these skills in the right balance and at the appropriate degree of sophistication.

The topics and disciplines which we routinely cover are diverse.  A representative scope is available here:


Naturally, bespoke training in other disciplines within our broad expertise is also available on request.


Modes of Delivery


Oxentia deploys a range of approaches to upskill both teams and individuals whilst providing exceptional professional development outcomes. We routinely utilise the following approaches:

Formal Programmes

These interactive, enquiry-based learning programmes are based on formally structured proprietary materials which have been rigorously tested and are continuously updated. The  sessions are based around combinations of expert presentations, practical activities, groupwork, walkthroughs, document appraisals, and case study discussions.

1. Set programmes

Our set programmes are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of specified topics and learning outcomes. Depending on client need, these are available either via dedicated delivery to a closed group of participants or on an open-enrollment basis.

2. Custom programmes

The vast majority of our formal programmes are created on a bespoke basis such that they cater precisely for our clients’ needs.


3.  Joint Working

Working collaboratively with clients via internships, mentorships, and secondments that provide opportunity for enquiry-based learning and gaining real-life experience while co-working on high- priority client projects or Oxentia’s own projects.

4.  Masterclasses and Facilitated Workshops

These produce defined outputs such as IP policy documents, strategic plans for innovation management, technology audits, patent landscapes, valuations, market assessments, innovation profiles, business plans, marketing descriptions, and freedom-to-operate search results.

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