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Tim leads Oxentia’s Entrepreneurship & Accelerator service line and has a background in technology commercialisation and entrepreneurship.

He brings an unbounded entrepreneurial spirit and energy to all his work at Oxentia. His experience is truly global, having worked for and with  technology corporates and leading universities across the world. Tim’s current ambitions for Oxentia focus on the development of a pioneering model for international early stage technology investing; developing the next generation of career-wide technology entrepreneurship skills and enterprise training; the evolution of new university models, and supporting the continuing development of Oxford as a global centre for innovation activities.

Tim has has nearly 30 years of experience in technology commercialisation and entrepreneurship work within universities and research institutes, his specialisation is Life Sciences. He has worked as an academic researcher, technology transfer professional, and entrepreneur, having spun-out and managed two investment-backed life science companies from university research, and advised in the formation and growth of many others.

Tim is a passionate advocate for the role entrepreneurship can play in addressing global challenges and is always looking for opportunities for oxentia to support and empower untapped entrepreneurial potential in emerging economies. He has lectured and written on diversity being a key driver for innovation.

Tim takes a belated, albeit healthy increasing interest in social media, and grounds his sanity in regular servings of idyllic family life in Devon.


  • Spin-out company formation, development and management
  • Technology entrepreneurship and enterprise skills training
  • Investment fund support
  • Incubator and accelerator programme design and delivery
  • Institutional, government and corporate level innovation strategy consulting


  • Ph.D. in microbiology, University of Surrey
  • BSc Hons. in botany with microbiology, University of Nottingham.
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