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Transforming Malta’s capacity for knowledge transfer

Client: University of Malta

Project dates: August 2012 – ongoing


Oxentia is continuing its transformative work with the University of Malta (UoM) to build the university’s knowledge transfer capacity. Having completed a joint EU-funded project to establish technology transfer infrastructure at UoM and raise awareness of technology transfer across Malta, Oxentia has now been retained by UoM to provide ongoing support. This is an excellent example of working in partnership to provide the right solutions at the right time.

What Oxentia provided:

  1. An effective knowledge transfer framework for UoM

Oxentia began by analysing the Maltese innovation environment, allowing it to make specific recommendations for establishing an effective knowledge transfer office (KTO) within the university, including organisational structure, recruitment, processes and procedures. Oxentia also worked with UoM to identify suitable technology priorities, applying a practical methodology to identify, protect and commercialise its intellectual property (IP).

  1. Tailored staff training courses on technology transfer

Oxentia then focused on training KTO staff in technology transfer and business incubation. The Oxentia team of expert trainers visited UoM to provide on-site training, and UoM staff also received hands-on training during a two-week visit to Oxentia in Oxford. Training on business incubation included visits to 10 of the best business incubation centres in the UK, to see how they work in practice.

  1. Awareness-raising seminar programme

Oxentia designed and delivered a widely attended programme of specialist seminars to promote technology transfer in Malta. A total of 36 internal and external seminars raised awareness among UoM staff and students, business and government of the significant opportunities for IP commercialisation in the country.

  1. A new business incubation centre

Oxentia advised UoM on the creation of a brand new business incubator centre. The new centre, named TAKEOFF, helps technology and knowledge-based entrepreneurs and startups transform their ideas and innovations into market-ready businesses. TAKEOFF is already experiencing great success.

  1. Intensive Training Programme in Entrepreneurship

Oxentia engaged specialists Business Boffins to design, develop and deliver an eight-module Intensive Training Programme in Entrepreneurship, receiving excellent reviews from participants. They provided the full range of support necessary for the programme to achieve official accreditation as a Master’s-level course from the UoM Programme Validation Committee.

Continuing relationship: In 2015, Oxentia won a new UoM contract to provide knowledge transfer support on technology-specific projects on an ongoing basis, building an even stronger rapport.

(Sarah Macnaughton March, 2015)

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