Who we are

Oxford’s Global Innovation Consultancy

Oxentia is the global innovation management and technology commercialisation consultancy that started its life as an operating division within the world-leading technology transfer company of the University of Oxford, Oxford University Innovation. 

Oxentia is a key component of Oxford’s thriving innovation ecosystem.

Since 2004, Oxentia has delivered innovation services to a worldwide customer base of public and private sector clients in over 80 countries. 

We work in partnership with global clients to build capacity, develop capability and enable innovation for the benefit of economies and societies.

Our Values

At the heart of Oxentia are four core values – Trust, Excellence, Collaboration and Creativity. These form the basis of the organisation’s culture and underpin how value is created for clients.


A high sense of integrity and reliability is important to us.

We are credible, reliable, open and honest.  We….

  • Do what we say we are going to do
  • Take ownership of actions and mistakes
  • Know and apply our professional competences and behaviours to our work
  • Open and honest in all communications
  • Provide help and support to colleagues
  • Make the most effective use of our resources
  • Allow people to do their work within frameworks given and set expectations when taking on work
  • Provide the same quality of work to internal colleagues as to external clients
  • Help people to understand why they are doing something
  • Make sure process and policy is followed and ensure process and policies are ‘fit for purpose’


To improve trust, we …

  • Challenge appropriately
  • Work in different groups
  • Follow good etiquette in meetings
  • Respect everyone’s skills and look to improve knowledge of each individuals’ skills and competencies
  • Ensure everyone is aware of projects that may impact them
  • Provide opportunity to work within diverse groups where possible


We exhibit and cultivate the following behaviours to build trust.  We …

  • Are open in communication
  • Make time for colleagues
  • Actively listen to colleagues and understand their points of view
  • Keep delivery dates
  • Are reliable and open in all our actions
  • Turn electronic equipment off during meetings that is not required
  • Talk to the person rather than send an email or call if they are in the same office

Professionalism, knowledge and quality underpin all that we do.

We are profoundly knowledgeable, professional and determined.  We …

  • Provide consistent quality, end to end
  • Take pride in our work and that of our colleagues
  • Follow QA and QC process
  • Keep up to date with professional knowledge and what is happening within our industry including our competitors’ environment and its evolution
  • Are consistent in our actions and behaviours
  • Define our clients’ problems and understand their needs
  • Continuously look to improve services where possible to achieve better outcomes
  • Give freedom for personal development that contributes directly or indirectly to the bottom line
  • Work with external partners to provide best outcomes to clients


To continually build excellence, we 

  • Continue to be thought leaders in our field
  • Share current good practise internally on a regular basis through appropriate communication channels
  • Understand and explore all partnering opportunities
  • Provide skills development opportunities both on internal and external courses and workshops
  • Honest to colleagues on development requirements
  • Provide mentorship as appropriate


We exhibit and cultivate the following behaviours to further enhance our excellence.  We

  • Look for opportunities to develop skills that improve outcomes
  • Take ownership of skills development needs
  • Use positive language and coaching style when giving feedback
  • Ask and clarify when we are not sure of requirements

We are open and approachable in the way that we work.

We are approachable, we work together, and we are open and appreciative of diversity.  We …

  • Let people know the challenges we are facing and what support we need
  • Know the sum of parts is greater than anyone individual can deliver
  • Meet utilisation rates
  • Use SharePoint
  • Pull together to meet clients’ needs
  • Understand the diverse skills within the organisation
  • Reduce barriers to collaboration
  • Are open to collaboration opportunities and nothing is off the table
  • Understand the value of external partners
  • Have a simple process in place to enable ideas to be forward and collaboration to take place
  • Understand and communicate each other’s priorities and motivations
  • Bring the right people together for each project


To continually grow and improve our collaborations, we …

  • Remain open to experimenting with new partner opportunities
  • Use the SharePoint system effectively to save bids and reports
  • Uses processes in place to share ideas
  • Provide a structure that enables colleagues to ask for help
  • Give people opportunity to develop and show skills



We exhibit and cultivate the following behaviours to build collaborations.  We …

  • Actively listen to colleagues and understand their ideas (without judgement and assumptions)
  • Actively explore partnership opportunities
  • Ask when support is needed
  • Share knowledge
  • Undertake Partnership value review at project closure
  • Put forward ideas
  • Have the courage to challenge and will voice our concerns, thoughts and ideas in a respectful way

We are agile and open-minded in our approach to innovation.

We are curious, engaged and open.  We …

  • Work globally and not in silos
  • Develop bespoke projects that meet clients’ needs
  • Are open to new ideas
  • Seek to problem solve
  • Understand the problems our clients face now and in the future
  • Put aside time for thinking and creativity
  • Constantly look to improve outcomes for clients
  • Have a desire to retain excellence
  • Have a clear communicated risk framework and feasibility process
  • Use evidence to evaluate ideas


To grow our creativity, we …

  • Follow the project wrap-up process and learn the lessons of each project
  • Undertake continuous thought-leadership
  • Participate actively in working groups to improve each services and environment
  • Link creativity to business objectives
  • Develop new territories
  • Allow people time to explore new ideas
  • Assess novelty seeking ideas
  • Understand acceptable risk levels


We exhibit and cultivate the following behaviours to build creativity.  We …

  • Constantly seek to improve knowledge
  • Share ideas and skills
  • Challenge existing processes and projects and provide solutions to improve them
  • Ask questions
  • Challenge norms, standards, and existing processes and methods

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