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23 September 2022

A corporate accelerator programme and global virtual pitch event to showcase Japanese pharmaceutical and medical startups


A Japanese corporate research institute was set up to provide research and consulting services to its parent company and the major company divisions. In addition to this, their mission focuses on resolving societal issues and co-creating a sustainable future. As part of that work, the company worked with the Japanese government to encourage the establishment and growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups. One of the initiatives to support this goal was the creation and running of a corporate accelerator programme. The client needed support to run the programme from an organisation with international experience in supporting deep science and technology entrepreneurs.


Oxentia supported entrepreneurs throughout the programme with bespoke 1-1 mentoring along with group training in:

  • Global business development
  • Regulatory landscape and strategy to conduct business in Europe
  • Team building
  • IP management
  • Exit management

The programme culminated in a global pitch event, after Oxentia provided group training in how to pitch to investors.


Oxentia hosted a global virtual pitch day, attended by experts, investors, and other global stakeholders. Five early-stage Japanese life-science SMEs presented their latest innovations and were looking to develop opportunities for overseas partnerships and investment with some of the most vibrant scientific communities in the world.

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