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07 May 2019

Aston University

Streamlining the university's IP portfolio to maximise returns



Aston University identified Oxentia as a partner who could complement their team to provide expert support in the evaluation of projects and invention disclosures, and in commercialising technologies.


Oxentia worked with Aston University under a technology transfer partnership agreement over the course of four years, building a trusted partnership to evaluate the university’s portfolio, providing expertise to take projects forward and helping to secure new spinouts and commercial deals.
On a day-to-day basis, Oxentia provided additional capacity and skills with essential technology transfer support in two primary areas: technology evaluation, including market intelligence, dialogue with Aston University academics and funding applications; and the management of the existing IP portfolio.

An essential part of the Oxentia contribution was its re-evaluation of the Aston University patent portfolio, enabling the university to decide where its resources should be focused. The review analysed innovations according to performance, the technology readiness level and the potential market size. Oxentia then made recommendations on a case-by-case basis, categorising each according to whether it should be actively promoted, kept under review or abandoned.


This systematic approach increased the portfolio’s likelihood of generating income by focusing on the most promising projects, and reduced unnecessary disbursement of the patent budget. Asto-optics is an example of success in converting a technical innovation from the Aston portfolio into a commercial opportunity.

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