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23 September 2022

Competitive landscaping and market positioning of a new biocompatible material


Our client discovered a biocompatible material, a hybrid made of conventional polymer combined with another proprietary chemical.  They were looking to understand the market potential of this new material in downstream applications.


Oxentia conducted an analysis of potential end-use markets for this technology, to determine what competing and comparable technologies exist on the market and were under development. This was done through mapping the competitive landscape to understand large players in the market and their biocompatible products. This was followed by an IP landscape review, to understand the technology trends in the area, including those in early stages of development. Oxentia also undertook a comparative analysis to understand how existing biocompatible materials are delivered to the market.


Oxentia’s insights through competitive and IP landscaping and comparative analysis on existing biomaterials in the market have informed the client’s decision on the route to market for the new biocompatible material, which they are expecting to take to market in the next year. Oxentia also identified six potential partners to support with customer insights and four key opinion leaders for early market testing.


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