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11 March 2019

Establishing Muscat University

Establishing a new institution in the heart of Oman



The Oxentia team collaborated with experts from within the University of Oxford and from around the world to design and establish Muscat University. The project had the financial backing from a large group of prominent business people in Oman and the Omani Government.   


In September 2017, the Founding Committee launched Muscat University, a new academic institution that meets Gulf region’s increasing need for an entrepreneurial workforce by placing the employability of its students at the heart of its ethos.  

Oxentia has acted as the lead and sole consultant to the Founding Committee, providing a full range of higher education advice from the strategic to the practical, to achieve the establishment’s desired local, regional and international impact.  


Oxentia provided advice and practical support on every aspect of academic institution building, based on the concept of innovative and entrepreneurial higher education. 

Oxentia has designed the university’s academic programme based around three faculties: Business and Management, Transport and Logistics, and Engineering and Technology. The degree programme has a strong graduate focus and is led by a team of academics, hand-picked by Oxentia.  

Furthermore, Oxentia advised on the critical components of the university’s organisation, from staff recruitment policies to the architecture of its learning spaces. Oxentia has designed a Pathway Programme of Intensive English and Numeracy Lessons to ensure that the university’s intake meets the exacting standards.  


Muscat University’s vision is to be a high-quality international university which is innovative and entrepreneurial with close connections to the business communities of Oman and the wider region. Its programmes combine academic rigour with relevance to the world of work. Oman’s Education Council (the supreme governing body for education in Oman) approved Muscat University’s licence to operate and its current offering of degree programmes in engineering and technology, transport and logistics, and business and management. The degrees are offered in partnership with two of the UK’s leading universities at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Muscat University admitted its first students in October 2016. 

In 2018 Oxentia returned to Muscat University to conduct an Innovative Entrepreneurship workshop.

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