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24 September 2021

Feasibility Study for Guernsey International University

Higher Education market assessment, partnership negotiations, feasibility analysis, and financial forecasting for a nascent university in Europe.


The government entity of the States of Guernsey planned to create Guernsey International University. It commissioned a feasibility study to Oxentia to evaluate the cost-benefit of the initiative to plan out its implementation.


Oxentia was appointed as sole educational consultant to undertake a full feasibility study for the planned university initiative, reporting to the Committee for Economic Development within the States of Guernsey.  Oxentia undertook detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses via regular interfaces with members of the university founding board, commercial and educational stakeholders, and would-be partner institutions.  Ideal degree programmes for delivery in three cognate disciplines were identified and detailed benchmarking reports of competitor programmes were provided.  Detailed operational models (including student and staff recruitment, research and knowledge exchange targets, and direct and indirect financial forecasts) were created.  Subsequently, comprehensive risk and sensitivity analyses were performed.  Awareness raising and professional development workshops were held with key staff.


Based on Oxentia’s advice, the States of Guernsey decided not to proceed with the university initiative in its current form.  Oxentia’s Gross Value Added (GVA) calculations were considered with careful gravity by the Committee for Economic Development.  The effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and of recent elections were also taken into account.  The Committee concluded that, due to the considerable capital investment that would be required, it would not immediately progress this project.  The Committee of Education, Sport and Culture and the Committee for Economic Development have requested that Oxentia remain available as the situation may develop in the medium term. Key elements of Oxentia’s work were assembled into a detailed report which is now available in the public domain via this web link:

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