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24 May 2022

Identifying a non-flammable wrapping solution to support getting a new technology to market


Our client’s competitor had a new patent granted which severely limited the client’s freedom to operate as they launched a new technology in multiple markets. The client was therefore looking for a technological solution to overcome this patent challenge by inventing around the new patent.  


Oxentia took the time to understand the client’s technology and the challenge they were facing. Oxentia then conducted an exhaustive technology scouting search in multiple markets to identify solutions to the client’s challenge. This included searching for technologies in the following areas:  

  • Patent literature  
  • Academic literature  
  • Market literature  
  • Grants  
  • Oxentia’s network  

Through this exhaustive search, Oxentia identified 162 opportunities, which were narrowed down to a shortlist of 12 high interest opportunities. Oxentia conducted a deep dive of the 12 high interest opportunities, including interviews with the opportunity owners. Oxentia introduced three of the opportunity holders to the client and their technical teams for further discussion around collaboration.    


The client’s own technical team had been working on this challenge for over 12 months, but Oxentia still identified three highly novel and high interest opportunities that the client wanted to explore further. These were technologies outside of the client’s industry that could be adapted to create a breakthrough innovation. The client signed three non-disclosure agreements to discuss the challenge further and looked to sign a joint development agreement and conduct a feasibility study to develop the new solutions.   

Ultimately, this helped the client to innovative around their competitor’s intellectual property (IP) and gain freedom to operate in multiple major markets.  


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