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23 September 2022

Market assessment to support route to market strategy in a robotic autonomy data and sensing spin-out


A spin out from the University of Oxford had developed a full stack robotic autonomy system that operates without any dependence on bespoke infrastructure. The system can take readings from a wide range of sensors and use those to make autonomous decisions using a collection of smart algorithms. It is a modular stack that can be operated as a complete system or integrated as component parts into a third-party stack. This had multiple applications in multiple markets and the client wanted support from Oxentia to understand which markets and applications were the most promising.


Oxentia evaluated six different potential applications for the technology and looked at the following factors which were important in deciding on the market and application suitability:

  • Current status and developments in the industry
  • Sector trends
  • Market drivers and restraints
  • The impact the technology would have within the industry
  • Wider impact considerations
  • Opportunities and challenges in the market

After conducting this comprehensive assessment, Oxentia could then provide recommendations on the relative attractiveness of each application to help develop a route to market strategy.


The client was able to make an evidence-based decision on which initial applications of the technology to pursue and understood the opportunities, challenges and restraints in that market. From this the client was able to develop a go-to market strategy in the autonomous vehicles sector. They have run several commercial trials and developed in-vehicle autonomous driving and cloud-based fleet management software solutions that are currently on the market.


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