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21 February 2020

Oxford University Innovation

Entrepreneurship training for earlier-stage startups



Oxford University Innovation (OUI) runs a startup incubator programme available to members and ex-members of the University. The programme had a gap in entrepreneurship training for earlier-stage startups to help them assess problem-solution fit. OUI approached Oxentia to co-design a 12-week pre-incubator training programme to prepare startups for entry into the OUI incubator.


Oxentia created and delivered six training sessions ranging from customer validation and market sizing, to financial projections and pitching. We worked with 20 entrepreneurs to help develop their business ideas in different fields, including publishing, finance, space drone optimisation, and the scooter industry. Six entrepreneurs were selected to pitch for entry into the Oxford startup incubator programme.


New networks and collaboration opportunities were created, and Oxentia will continue to provide training in entrepreneurship for future runs of the pre-incubator programme.

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