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07 May 2020


Supporting the commercialisation of a microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology


Oxentia were asked to support the commercialisation of a microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology, specifically developed to improve sanitation in markets that lack adequate sanitation.


Oxentia worked closely with the inventors, university administration and research funder to develop a business model that satisfied the requirements of all stakeholders. Oxentia also developed an intellectual property (IP) strategy, market research, investor due diligence, and identified numerous potential licensees/customers in order to develop the value-chain required to bring the technology to market. Multiple service providers; a patent firm, product design company, law firm, and branding agency, were identified and engaged to protect the IP, develop blueprints for the first product, incorporate a spinout company and develop the brand identity.


Oxentia created a social enterprise company, Robial, dedicated to improving sanitation in developing economies. Oxentia continue to manage the activities of Robial and are working with various commercial partners to introduce the MFC technology into multiple product lines.

Commercialisation Services
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