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19 February 2021


Upskilling educators through the Santander X Entrepreneurship Educators’ Programme



Santander X set out to develop a sustainable community of educators who could lead entrepreneurship education among students and academic communities across Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. The aim of the initiative was to improve the impact of entrepreneurship education across academic communities, regardless of their subject of expertise and seniority, within their universities and local innovation ecosystems.


Oxentia developed an intensive, phased training and mentoring programme, sharing current global best practice in innovation and research-led entrepreneurship. The programme supported participants in the development of strategies to increase the impact of entrepreneurship in the own institutions, addressing the idiosyncrasies of their environments and resources.


The Santander X Entrepreneurship Educators’ Programme 2020 stimulated collaboration within the cohort, including initial plans for the development and delivery of new cross-institutional programmes. The programme led to the development of a highly interactive and sustainable community of entrepreneurship educators, who continue to share ideas and collaborate. All strategies developed throughout the programme are now being implemented by participants back in their home institutions.

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