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24 May 2022

Supporting a major Japanese chemicals company looking to enter the European medical testing market


A major Japanese chemicals company was aiming to establish new growth platforms by creating and providing products and services that help improve quality of life through innovation in chemicals in the healthcare sector. They wanted to enter the European prenatal testing market and needed a deeper understanding of the market and identification of promising small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for partnering or acquisition. 


Oxentia conducted an in-depth review of the European pre-natal testing market to identify key players, find growth areas/areas of high demand, analyse the supply chain, and understand the global business strategy of key players. To understand how other non-European companies entered the market, Oxentia also analysed how US companies who dominate the market developed their market entry strategy and navigated the regulatory landscape in Europe. 

Oxentia then identified new players in the market for the client to partner with or consider acquiring. We focused on identifying university spin-outs and SMEs that currently sell into the prenatal testing market or have late stage technologies (TRL>8) on the verge of market entry. Oxentia then evaluated these companies to identify high-value opportunities based on their product portfolio, company growth trajectory, traction in the European market, alignment with the client’s strategic needs and SWOT analysis. 


Oxentia provided the client with insights on the size and expected growth of the European prenatal testing market and the key relationships that were needed to enter the market. Oxentia then provided insights on how other providers outside of Europe have entered the market and identified a key technology area that will be disruptive in the market. 

Oxentia identified three companies working in this disruptive technology area that met all the client’s requirements. These three companies are currently being assessed by the client for partnership or acquisition opportunities. 


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