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24 May 2022

Supporting a consumer electronics company enter the autonomous vehicle market


The client, a multinational conglomerate active in the consumer electronics sector, was interested in identifying innovative technologies in the autonomous vehicle sector and particularly, intellectual property held in the human-machine interface area. The focus was on technologies in development and undergoing real-world trials, that would reach the market within three years. 


Oxentia developed a robust approach that included first, identifying the sectors within autonomous driving technologies that were of most strategic value to the client. We then developed a virtual portfolio of opportunities by engaging experts in the relevant sectors. Finally, we developed comprehensive evaluation criteria through which the long list of opportunities was filtered to identify high-value technologies. For each of these, we engaged experts in the field to share their professional opinion on the quality, usability, and commercial potential of each technology 


The outcome of this activity was the identification of more than 100 high value opportunities, of which 39 were of significant strategic value to the client. The client evaluated these technologies to inform on their acquisition strategy going forward.

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