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23 September 2022

Training in innovation management and process development


Our client had undertaken a strategic review of their business model and identified an urgent need to develop a more structured approach to innovation management. Initially they approached Oxentia with the request for training in innovation management.


Oxentia proposed a series of training sessions in industry innovation management best practice, and were asked to deliver one session every month. Following the first session the client decided to accelerate the implementation of their new business model, which required us to develop a customized innovation management process over the duration of our training course. We pivoted and developed a series of workshops to map their existing innovation management processes and identify inefficiencies. Following the workshops, we developed a customized innovation process aligned to their new business strategy and presented it to the company using a new opportunity one of their engineers had recently identified. This real example was used to demonstrate the new innovation management process. Oxentia also trained their engineers in how to perform market research and IP due diligence, so they can build a business case and de-risk their ideas/innovations.


Oxentia developed an innovation management process customized to the technology areas prioritized by our client. Our client now has an innovation management process that promotes a genuine culture of innovation by ensuring their engineers can pursue ideas, take ownership to lead their projects, and the knowledge on how to perform due diligence and de-risk projects. The management team has a means of tracking the efficiency of the system, allowing resource to be rapidly allocated to the most promising opportunities, and removed from de-prioritized projects.

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