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Innovation supports the development of more resilient, prosperous and inclusive economies, and is a critical tool in addressing challenges and threats to people and planet.  

Whilst the benefits are easy to understand, supporting the development of effective innovation ecosystems that can drive economic development and deliver social impact is challenging, and requires a deep understanding of an ecosystem’s socio-economic context, including cultural and even geo-political aspects.


Oxentia have nearly two decades of experience supporting governments and public sector organisations on most continents of the world to deliver their ambitions to build effective innovation ecosystems, unlocking their unique potential and laying the foundations for more prosperous and resilient future economies.

We work in partnership to address unique ecosystem challenges from institutional to transnational scale, including: 

  • Innovation ecosystem mapping
  • Capacity building and entrepreneur support
  • Innovation strategy development and implementation 
  • Impact evaluation 
  • Unlocking the impact of public-funded knowledge assets 


Our long experience and deep knowledge of how to unlock the socio-economic benefits of innovation, coupled with our global outlook means we can offer a unique perspective to your innovation challenges.  

We also believe a strategy is not complete until it’s implemented. We can support you to not just understand your challenges and design effective strategies, but our practitioner-based approach means we can partner with you to implement practical solutions, ensuring your innovation ambitions are realized and the maximum socio-economic impact is achieved.  


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