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24 March 2020

Oxentia's response to the Coronavirus pandemic

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Published on March 24, 2020

We recognise that the Coronavirus pandemic is an exceptional event that is already having an immediate impact on many of our clients, partners, beneficiaries and suppliers in all the regions where Oxentia operates. We would like current and future partners to know that at this difficult time we are following all Government-issued advice and striving to continue to work as usual with all due precautions. These include postponing large events and training courses, and ensuring our team works remotely.  

At Oxentia we are adapting and innovating in the way we operate. Last week, we delivered a capacity-building programme for technology innovators based in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand – all online. Nothing stopped our team from coaching participants for the duration of the programme, setting them up for the next steps of their commercialisation journey. Many of our consultancy services can be delivered remotely, such as our Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation partnerships with universities including Kuwait University, Vilnius University in Lithuania and ODTÜ in Ankara, Turkey.  

We will continue to provide innovators with the resources and the contacts they need to build resilience against the impact of this global emergency. 

Coronavirus will impact all businesses worldwide, and we understand that our clients and partners may be facing uncertainty at this time. We are determined to offer our clients all the support they need to continue to innovate during this unprecedented global pandemic. We want to make sure that opportunities for innovation and growth are not missed at a time when the world needs new ideas the most.  

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