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SHAPE stands for Social sciences, Humanities, and the Arts for People and the Economy.

Governments, funders and universities are increasingly recognising the unique value that the social sciences, arts and humanities (sometimes referred to AHSS or SHAPE disciplines) can bring, particularly when it comes to addressing big societal challenges. However, the pathways to commercialise such research are often quite different.

Whereas traditional STEM commercialisation often focusses on technologies and IP, SHAPE innovations are more likely to be people- or knowledge-based, requiring different approaches to:

  • How we support academics from those disciplines
  • How we measure our outputs and success
  • How we fund innovation and commercialisation activities
  • How we work with businesses and other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem

Oxentia has been a convener and leader in the field of SHAPE innovation and commercialisation since 2016.

We support institutions in the development of their SHAPE commercialisation and innovation offerings. From taking your first steps to build skills and capacity, to delivering impact at scale… we offer a breadth of support for both professional services teams, academics, and student entrepreneurs.


Our training brings academics, researchers and knowledge exchange professionals. We support your teams to develop an effective SHAPE commercialisation infrastructure across your institution. From early-stage ideation through to measuring the wider outputs and success of commercialisation activities, you will gain practical, implementable tools, processes, and strategies adapted to develop your SHAPE commercialisation pipeline. 

All of our training courses are tailored to your organisational needs and context and include: 

Ideation: Engaged Collaborators
A challenge-based ideation programme to build collaborations and stimulate ideas for innovation and commercialisation projects; linked to strategic themes of the university. 

ATTP Accredited Training: SHAPE Commercialisation
In-person and online training to build awareness of and skills in SHAPE commercialisation. Building the commercialisation pipeline through stimulating discussions and developing actionable plans. 

Pre-Accelerator: Explore & Advance
A half-day workshop and optional 6-week pre-accelerator, supporting researchers and commercialisation teams to progress their commercialisation project idea, while building entrepreneurial skills and mindsets.  

Impact Training 
In-person training to build awareness of and skills in impact planning and/or measurement for academics and technology transfer professionals.  

Digital for SHAPE Workshop 
A bespoke course, designed to provide the knowledge and skills to be able to engage with developers, understand how digital can help scale Impact from SHAPE, and build confidence in how to start in your digital journey.  

We welcome the chance to discuss your requirements and develop your optimal training package, please contact us.  


Measuring Social Impact from Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation

Knowledge exchange and commercialisation (KEC) teams are often asked to measure their success in terms of economic impact metrics. This includes income, investment raised, or jobs created from new ventures or collaborations with business.  ​However, KEC activities can have significant value to society beyond their economic impact, and there is a growing interest to measure and report this data (both for SHAPE and STEM disciplines).

Oxentia supports KEC teams and other organisations managing research and impact projects. Our offerings include:

  • Training courses and workshops on social impact from KE and commercialisation, for professional services teams and/or academics;
  • Commercialisation support help build a social mission and/or impact strategy for projects or ventures;
  • Consultancy services to help you create an internal framework for tracking and measuring impact from your commercialisation activities.

Oxentia has experience in logic modelling and theory of change, impact evaluations, and supporting socially-impact driven commercialisation projects and entrepreneurs. Through our services we can help to answer questions such as:

  • ​What are considered best practice indicators for social and environmental impact?
  • ​How can you build impact measurements and reporting into a KE or commercialisation project?
  • ​What are logic models and theory of change, and how can they be used to build a social impact strategy?
  • ​What do social impact investors look for in a venture?
  • ​What are the differences between social enterprises and other legal structures that can be used to reinforce social impact?
  • ​How to link impact measures with and evaluation and reporting activities?

“Impact is an effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia.”

(UKRI Research Excellence Framework)

Want to learn more?

We work collaboratively with our clients to design a package of support that meets your unique requirements. Download our HEI Services brochure to read more about our wider offerings (see link below) or contact our team to discuss how we can help.



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