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Sophie joined Oxentia full-time in September 2021. She previously worked with Oxentia as an associate consultant and intern, based in Geneva and Edinburgh.

At Oxentia, Sophie has worked on long-running projects such as the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowship (LIF) Programme, and has managed parts of the Santander X Challenges. She also works on consultancy projects, mainly focused on sustainability and climate change, as well as delivering training courses. Sophie is also responsible for managing Oxentia’s Business Development sector.

Sophie has a background in environmental and climate change law, specialising in issues revolving around regulation of oceanic carbon dioxide sequestration, international climate change litigation, including funding, and the interface of intellectual property rights, environmental law, and biodiversity issues.

Sophie holds an LLM in Global Environmental and Climate Change Law (University of Edinburgh, 2021) and a BA in International Relations and International Law (University of Geneva, 2020). She is fluent in English, German, Greek and French, and has a working knowledge of Italian and Spanish. She is also studying Arabic at beginner’s level.

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