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About Oxentia Venture Build



Oxentia Venture Build is a modular programme providing end-to-end support for academics who wish to deliver impact from their research through entrepreneurship and venture-build activities. The programme is in three parts:

  1. EXPLORE – a half-day workshop to discover the value of entrepreneurship as a mindset to deliver impact from academic research
  2. ADVANCE – a six-week (5 x 1/2 half-day weekly sessions) pre-accelerator programme taking ideas through to validated business models
  3. ACCELERATE – a 12-month programme where high-potential innovations are competitively selected, supported, and developed to venture launch


Enquire about the EXPLORE workshop

Entrepreneurship is an approach to problem solving that is applicable to academic research. The EXPLORE workshop offers a new dimension for researchers to envision, direct, and deliver impact from their research.




Enquire about the ADVANCE programme

ADVANCE is a pre-accelerator programme for researchers with basic business ideas. It can be offered to institutions as an exclusive, bespoke service for their academic communities.

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