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Entrepreneurship & Accelerator services
How we can support you

Our entrepreneurship and accelerator services are designed to empower individuals and teams to accelerate their development and achieve their goals.

Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Accelerator programme design and delivery
  • Practical business and entrepreneurship training
  • Mentoring programme design, delivery and reporting
  • Incubator benchmarking, strategy and set-up
  • Planning and managing seed funds
Meet Oxentia's
Entrepreneurship & accelerators lead

Global networks and experience

We have experience running accelerator programmes in over 15 countries, with sector focused experience in everything from LED lighting to Aerospace. Our global network of partners and associates gives us exceptional access to a pool of expert mentors and private investors.

Training Course: Valuation & Deal Making
Learn the fundamentals of technology and business valuation methods and approaches
Entrepreneurship & Accelerators
Course director
Dr Michael Mbogoro
An ATTP accredited course
1 / 5
Support new business creation
We work in partnership with you to translate research into impact: creating new products, innovations and businesses
Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation
Set yourself apart from the crowd
Develop your professional knowledge and upskill your team with our practitioner-led training programmes
Training & Professional Development
Drive strategic change
Our innovation strategy and planning services are designed to help you uncover new opportunities
Innovation Research & Strategy
Understand your strategic IP position
Landscaping, evaluation & strategy services tailored to your needs
Technology Commercialisation

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